Accounting Program


The Accounting Program provides students with knowledge and information necessary to prepare students to become accounting professionals. The program consists of nineteen (19) courses in the area of accounting and business management.


Certificate Requirements

Program completion certificate is given after satisfactory completion of fifty-six (56) quarter units for students. The Cumulative Grade Point Average for the program must be a minimum 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. 

Length of the program: The Accounting Program must be completed within 3 years from the time the student commenced the first course, as a regular student. This time limit may be extended due to special extenuating circumstances with the Dean of Academic Affairs’ approval.

After completion of the program

After completion of the program, students are expected to apply their acquired knowledge and skills to become accounting professionals. 


MU offers the following courses:


Course No., Title, and Units


ACCT100A. Principles of Accounting 1 (4 units)

ACCT100B. Principles Accounting 2 (4 units)

ACCT200A. Intermediate Accounting 1 (4 units)

ACCT200B. Intermediate Accounting 2 (4 units)

ACCT200C. Intermediate Accounting 3 (4 units)

ACCT300. Managerial Accounting (4 units)

ACCT350. Accounting Information Systems (4 units)

ACCT400. Advanced Accounting Theory (4 units)

ACCT420A. Income Tax Accounting 1 (4 units)

ACCT420B. Income Tax Accounting 2 (4 units)

ACCT440A. Auditing 1 (4 units)

ACCT440B. Auditing 2 (4 units)

ACCT460. Government Accounting (4 units)

ACCT461. Nonprofit Accounting (4 units)


BLAW200. Business Law 1 (4 units)

BLAW201. Business Law 2 (4 units)

ECON201. Macroeconomics (4 units)

MGMT200. Fundamentals of Management (4 units)

MGMT400. Managerial Finance (4 units)